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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - baby stardust.mp3

Not so long ago in another life I found myself sprawled on a hotel bed in Japan at four in the morning with only jet lag and a nearby beer machine for company. I flipped on the tube and surfed through the channels until I found something that caught my eye.

Over a caustic soundtrack, something like Jon Spencer falling down the stairs after getting fucked-up by Motorhead, a bunch of double-thin, razor-sharp punks were lounging around in what appeared to be a strip club… all plush velvet and leopardskin…smoking cigs and drinking cocktails…waiting for the girls to come on...my curiosity too, at this point, was somewhat piqued…

A succession of animals then appeared on the stage, doing exactly what animals would do in such a situation…nothing at all. They just sat there for a bit and shuffled off, as the boys in the band watched on in complete indifference, calmly finishing their smokes. All the while the increasingly frantic music whipped itself into a frenzy. And then it finished. The Marx Brother’s ‘Duck Soup’ was on next, subtitled for the Japanese. I made another trip to the beer machine.

Was it the jet lag or was it the greatest pop video I’ve ever seen? I wasn’t sure that I hadn’t just dreamed it. Needing proof, I bought the single the very next day, and here it is in all its raging splendour.
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant are well worth investigating, and rock like bastards. You could do much worse than to check out their Collection. The perfect soundtrack for smoking cigs whilst wearing nicotine patches and being dead good at pool. Or just for watching animals fail to get their kit off.
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