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Monday, March 07, 2005

Reuben Wilson - got to get your own.mp3

Although recorded in the '70's as the title track for an album on Cadet (jazz subsiduary of Chess), it wasn't until the late 80's that todays Charity Shop 7 blew up and became a staple on the London Acid Jazz scene. In fact it was very popular and people often refer to Reuben as "the godfather of acid jazz". It's not hard to see why when you listen to it, from the drum roll start to the fade out (that comes all too soon) it's got all the elements there to make it a Acid Jazz classic...what with funky flutes, congas, jazzy trumpet firing off between the vocals, and an impeccable uptempo funky disco groove from the bass and drums. But it's Reuben's wah-wah organ that pushes the whole thing over the edge.

When it fades at about 3:30 you can hear some funky some right hand hammond licks, as if RW is warming up to fire off and take everyone to the next level, but alas, the 7" fades and the best you can do is to hit play again and log on to your local rare vinyl outlet to see if you can track down the album, because suprisingly it hasn't been re-issued on CD.
(click here to buy the album on vinyl from MusicStack.com)
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