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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Nashville West - mental revenge.wma

Anyone who likes their 60's west coast psychedelic and/or country rock should definitely get themselves along to the mp3 blog at Alan McGee's poptones label. It has got some real gems on there, and as mp3s are NOT posted for a limited time only, i would recommend that you set aside a whole evening for an exquisite musical marathon.
today's post has been pilfered from there to whet your appetite, and features the talents of Gene Parsons (moustache, drums) and Clarence White (middle left, guitar) in seminal country rock band Nashville West.

This track is taken from the album Nashville West, first released in 1978 (Sierra Records), although it had been recorded over a decade before. Gene P had recorded one night of their residency at Nashville West (from where they took their name) in El Monte, CA in 1967.
They would play there 7 nights a week and it wasn't unusual to see various members of The Byrds or Flying Burrito Brothers in attendance, sometimes even on the stage.

Clarence White's guitar playing here is astounding. Unlike many rock bands who went country in the late 60's, he had been playing bluegrass and country guitar since the late 50's (Kentucky Colonels) and by '67 had become a master of electric country guitar playing.
By 1968 he had already appeared on 2 Byrds albums, but on their country album Sweetheart Of The Rodeo his guitar playing became a focal point and he became a full time band member, along with Gene Parsons.

Mental Revenge was a cover of a contemporary hit by self proclaimed "renegade, outlaw, legend" Waylon Jennings, who went on to be a leading light of the "outlaw" country movement of the 70s by adopting an anti-Nashville stance. Maybe he developed some of his rebel spirit during 65 when he shared his home with Johnny Cash in Nashville?...
(click here to buy Nashville West from CherryRed.co.uk)
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