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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Maria Muldaur - Midnight At The Oasis.mp3

It’s been nearly thirty years since she rode her camel to international stardom with “Midnight at the Oasis” in 1974, yet Maria Muldaur says she’s just now coming into her own as a singer. Her new album, A Woman Alone with the Blues, due out next week on Telarc, is a tribute to the late Peggy Lee. Muldaur’s other signature tune, Lieber and Stoller’s “I’m a Woman,” is a Peggy Lee hit from 1962, and she’s been an admirer since her teenage years. Midnight At The Oasis is an exotic tale of seduction so full of eastern promise I'm surprised it hasn't been used in a Turkish Delight advert, Maria's vocals are so simple yet she seems to effortlessy parade the feelings of the songwritter David Nichtern when he originally wrote it. When I was growing up I listend as my mum used to play it on the old style grammerphones, I always thought the lyrics was "midnight after your wasted" this made sense as I thought you need to be pretty wasted to lay a camel, but as I got older I realised you don't really need to be that wasted to sleep with a few camels. To buy a copy click here.
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