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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Grace Jones - she's lost control.mp3

The 7" format wasn't long enough to fit the full version of Grace Jones cover/re-invention of Joy Division's She's Lost Controlprev, on which all the "she's lost control"'s are changed to "I've lost control", she threatens to "stab you in the hand" and finally ends up screaming as she.. erm,... loses control. sheesh!..seems like Russel Harty got off lightly. The 7" fades before things get too crazy.
Todays CharityShop7 may be a joke without a punchline but, if like me you find your ear being drawn to Wally Badarou's exquisite synth burbles and squelches (not to mention Sly and Robbie holding it down on bass and drums), it is a puchline that i can live without.
The recordings that Grace Jones made at Chris Blackwell's Compass Point studios in Nassau, Bahamas [1980-86] are her best, and are the point when her music became as strong as her personality, and thats saying something! There is a 2 CD release Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions that covers the best of the three albums recorded in Nassau which includes long versions and unreleased dubs of a lot of the tracks. Essential listening.
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