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Monday, March 21, 2005

Fred Neil - other side of this life.mp3

Boy, what a voice! Fred Neil's voice had the depth of Johnny Cash, combined with the raw emotional quality of The Flying Burrito Brothers' Gram Parsons (who he once recorded with). I mean, who else could be covered by the late great Tim Buckley and still have their version stand up proud (see comments for mp3 of Tim's cover of Fred's Dolphins, live in London, 1968).

I love the fact that he also had an attitude that was so focused on the music for it's own sake rather than as a means of obtaining stardom and untold wealth, which could have all been his if only he had wanted it.
Coming from the same scene as Dino Valente (see last week), in 1960 he could be found performing in Greenwich Village, New York City at the usual haunts Cafe Wha?, Night Owl and the Bitter End.
I suppose everybody knows his song "Everbody's Talkin". The most famous version being by Harry Nilsson which was a huge success after being used on the soundtrack of Midnight Cowboy.
Other Side Of This Life is taken from the 1965 album Bleeker And MacDougal (liner notes here) which was re-issued in 1970 as "Little Bit Of Rain". You can get hold of it on CD, doubled up with Tear Down The Walls which was an album he recorded with Vince Martin in 1964.
(click here to buy Tear Down the Walls/Bleecker & Macdougal from Amazon.co.uk)
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