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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel.mp3

Your name is Cloud Strife and you are one of the best of the best, an Ex-SOLDIER member. Free of that organization you hire yourself out as a mercenary. Now, you suddenly find yourself facing the very Corporation that created you and become entangled within an enormous plot that could decide the fate of your world. Take careful note of your allies' strengths and weaknesses as you progress through this immense tale of love, laughter, anger and hate. Pay close attention to what is said to you, and choose carefully what you say to others. Every action you take will have an impact on the lives around you. I was in two minds if I should blog this today with it being a musical score from a computer game, then I thought no bollocks a computer game it may be, but fuck this is a sterlining, respendent piece of music that gloriously describes the final battle between good and evil. Everytime I hear this piece it reminds me when the game was first released I phoned in sick for work and spent an entire week with very little sleep until I had completed it. I know this sounds very sad however I felt a feeling of true accomplishment once I had kicked the bad sword weilding maniac Sephiroth ass, I had saved the world and become an unsung hero I could walk to the shops for my bottle of cider with my head held high. The dignified warrior had returned from battle ready for tea and biscuits. You can buy the soundtrack and the game here.
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