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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Christy Moore - the time has come.mp3

If ever a fella paid his dues to the industry, tis this man. Performing pretty solidly for 40 years and recording since the late 60s, Christy Moore is a legend to many a soul. Although (like many names on this Blog) he has yet to feature in ‘The Guinness Book Of Hit Singles’ (to which he probably cares not a jot. Although ironically he has personally ‘sponsored’ the black stuff for many a decade), Ireland’s Christy has a huge legion of fans worldwide. His reputation continues to grow – ‘though his hair has long since stopped. I guess he’s a man you don’t meet every day!

Please visit the mighty fine http://www.christymoore.com/ for a fuller story of the man and his guitar. His gargantuan repertoire and convoluted journey is reflected in his biography/discography and upon his labour of love – last year’s 6 CD Box Set which spans the years.
This particular track The Time Has Come means much to many. For me personally, it helps to explain the unique and acute heart, soul and gut wrench of leaving loved ones to go to war. It means such a great deal, that I’d also use it as a funeral song!
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