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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Bob Lind - I Love to Sing/Sweet Harriet.wma

When looking around the internet recently for information on Bob Lind i came across this article he had written about his friend and producer Jack Nitzsche. It's a great story about how Jack took an impoverished Bob not only into the studio to produce his 1966 debut album Don't Be Concerned, but also into his own own home and family life.

From there i found my way to boblind.com which i was unaware of before.
It turns out that Bob is recording again -his last studio album was 1971's Since There Were Circles from which I Love to Sing/Sweet Harriet is taken- playing live again, and he mentions that he might even be coming to England in the near future! Let's hope so.

On his site, you can download demo's of his new album Home In Time For Twilight from the playlist page, and you can also talk to him directly on his message board. He obviously enjoys communicating with his fans, he answers everybody who posts on there!

The message board is also a great resource for anyone who wants to find more of Bob's music, because currently there are none of Bob's albums available to buy on CD. There was a Best Of CD re-issue in the early '90's which was basically the first 2 albums on 1 CD (Don't Be Concerned and Photographs Of Feelings), but this is out of print now, and goes for in excess of $50 on e-bay.
It seems ridiculous to me that these recordings are just sitting in the vaults somewhere. To my mind they should be on the shelves, with original artwork for all to enjoy. But until that day comes the best you can do is to appeal to other Lind fans on the message board to see if anyone has any "spare" copies, it worked for me!
(click here to visit BobLind.com)
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