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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Steve Miller Band - my dark hour.mp3

When John Lennon was asked "Is Ringo the best rock n roll drummer in the world?" he famously answered with his usual quick fire scouse wit.. "he's not even the best drummer in the beatles!". He was most likely thinking of Paul's drumming. On Back in The USSR, Macca took control of the sticks after Ringo walked out of the studio as tensions rose during the recording of "the white album" and a year later Macca also featured on drums on the closing track of Steve Miller's 3rd album, "Brave New World" [1969]. He gives it his best sack of spuds falling down the stairs drum rolls and turns in a performance which is immensely enjoyable, more due to his irrepressible attitude rather than amazing technical accomplishment, but that's what it's all about, innit?
You will probably recognise Macca's trademark rock n roll holler on Backing Vocals as well. I always think this track sounds best when I am drinking, but then hey, what doesn't? but it's perfect to play as things start to get lively in the bar.
I have played Steve Miller when bar-room DJ-ing a few times (check out any of the first four albums from 68 and 69), and without fail, some quiet bloke at the back usually steps up to go to the toilet, and gives a "great to hear some Steve Miller mate" as they walk past. It seems that there are many closet fans of early Steve Miller out there.., download and join the ranks.
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