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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Residents - Constantinople.mp3

Wierd week wouldn't be wierd week without The Residents,... No-one knows who they are because they believe that if they were to each have an individual public identity that it would be destructive to the group as a whole. So they have never given an interview to anybody, and they have been releasing records now for over 30 years.
I love the approach they took to the second album, Not Available. They decided to make an album in 1974 and when it was finished, store it away and never release it,.. well, not until they had forgotten about it... it was intended as a comment on "the theory of obscurity".
Constantinople is from Duck Stab [1977] which was recorded whilst the Not Available album was still sitting secretly in the vaults.
Not Available was finally released '78, and ironically remains one of their more underrated and forgotten about releases.

new album
The Residents are releasing their new album on March 21st called Animal Lover. Apparantly the rhythm tracks are made from the sounds of animals mating, mainly "cicadas and frogs. Also the actual sounds of mating whales and humans were used for longer tonal passages"... but not together obviously!

(click album titles -> Duck Stab, Not Available, or Animal Lover to buy from Amazon UK)
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