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Friday, February 18, 2005

Mantronix - Needle To The Groove.mp3

Mantronik & Mc Tee was a part of one of the most inovative hip hop groups in the 80's combining Rap, Funk, Reggae, Pop & Electronics...Mantronix still make many of todays hip hop artists look like their making elevator music!! In my opinion Mantronix is the way hip hop was supposed to be in the 90's...Raw, Cool, Independent & Hardcore!! Mantronik's real name is Kurtis Khaleel (born September 4, 1965) & Mc Tee's real name is Tooure Embden. Mantronix was formed in New York in 1984. William Socolov, the head of the independent record label Sleeping bag Records heard a Mantronix demo tape and a few months later Fresh is the Word hit the streets in 1985 with a blast!! Their second single was Needle To The Groove from their debut The album in 1986 which probably is one of the coolest and rawest hip hop albums ever made. Needle To The Groove sounds a bit dated now but still has a lot to offer and is a classic portrayal of the electro era of that time. Listen out for the robotic rap towards to the end, superb. Buy the album here.
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