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Monday, February 28, 2005

Francisco Tarrega - Gran Vals.mp3

Francisco Tarrega-Eixea was born in Vila-real, on 21st of November 1852, in a house beside the Saint Paschal Baylon sanctuary in Spain. At the time the piano was the most popular instrument and Tarrega was forced to play it to makes ends meet, because the guitar has lost her prior prestige, dropping to a very low level in the instruments' scale. The guitar was considered not good enough for playing concerts and was mainly used to complement the singer. It was one night in the Spanish Music Conservatory (very prestigous venue at the time) that his ex teacher Arrieta heard Tarrega play, after the concert he rushed across and embraced Tarrega and said to him "Guitar needs you, and you were born for her". From that very moment, Tarrega left his piano career and focused exclusively to his prefered instrument. Gran Vals is now famous for being one of the most annoying tunes in history as nokia sampled it for there infamous mobile phone ring. Tarrega's simplistic playing style certainly proves that sometimes less is more. This recording is performed by Norbert Kraft click here, to buy this piece of culture was brought to you courtesy of the last night team.
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