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Friday, February 18, 2005

Dick Hyman - give it up or turn it loose.mp3

Suppose for a minute that you had never seen these 3 faces before in your life. They are complete strangers to you. Which one is Dick Hyman? Which is the one playing all those buzzing bending frantic jazz-moog solos on top of a scratchy acetate recording of Bootsy and Clyde warming up one morning before the godfather woke up?..., or producing demonic robot squelches about 10 times too loud throughout?
Well obviously you know it's the guy in the middle, what gave it away, was it cos he was sitting at a keyboard?
When Dick Hyman wasn't busy studying and performig rag-time and early jazz, compsing for ballet, performing live (every few nights as from Saturday) or doing the scores for just about every Woody Allen film since Zelig, he recorded an album in 1969 called Moog: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman. This was a bonus track on the CD release.

As if being the missing link between Woody Allen and James Brown isn't enough, he also has a vague connection to yesterdays post, Van Morrison. You can hear Van yelling the words "Jelly Roll" at least once on most of his records. "Jelly Roll" was a a jazz musician from the 20's/30's who was a genuine libertine, he "lived the ultimate itinerant pianist's life, traveling from town to town, carousing with local women, hustling in pool halls, and taking in the culture wherever he traveled". He sounds a perty cool customer doesn't he?
Oh yeah,.. the vague link. Well.. Dick Hyman recorded an album of "Jelly Roll" Morton compositions in 1992, which is discontinued now but is out there somewhere.....
(click here to buy Moog from Amazon UK)
(check his website for current gigs? recitals or to buy one of his many other CD's)
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