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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Daft Punk - the brainwasher.mp3

The new Daft Punk album "Human After All" is out at the end of March. The title is a bit confusing as there is not much evidence of a human touch, in fact the first single to be released describes the album better - robot rock.
After the 80's rock and virtuoso soloing synths of Discovery, they have stripped things down to a simpler and more brutal base level. The template is now the primitive '70's heavy rock of Black Sabbath and in particular their track Iron Man. Iron Man's about a huge metal robot who stalks the earth filling his victims full of dread. Robot Rock takes most of it's musical ideas from Tony Iommi's riffs on Sabbaths classic, and what's left over is used to build The brainwasher which takes the pounding beats (footsteps) at the start, the familiar drones, and then makes the anouncement "I am the brainwasher!".
After a few listens though, the album doesn't seem as good as the previous two, but then when you re-listen to the debut Homework, which was such a breath of fresh air at the time, you realise that things may never get that good again...
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