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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Campag Velocet - Instinct Tension.mp3

There is a remarkable similarity between Pete Voss's vocals and that of Dominic Masters of The Others. Combine that with the baggy beats which seem to have done other current press favourites Kasabian more good than harm, it seems somehow unjust that Campag Velocet's second album didn't make more of a mark on the landscape last year. But then Campag's slogan always stated "music for the other".
At the time of their first album they were on the the NME cover, and had done the NME Brats tour, but it seems it wasn't enough to make the british indie kids take them to their hearts. Maybe it was the aggressive football hooligan thing that Pete gives out (as opposed to an open door policy of Dominic Masters - which even goes as far as his hotel room on tour!) that denied them greater success, but whatever, the second Campag album, "it's beyond our control" was in my opinion every bit as good as the first and is well worth checking out.
(click here to stream clips from the second album or here for mp3's from their site)
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