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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bright Eyes - when the president talks to god (live in london).mp3

I only recently got round to listening to the ready-made classic that is the Bright Eyes album, "I'm wide awake, it's morning" (i know, i know, i've been busy lately!). It's a really powerful album, one that will not slip past you without making you sit up and take notice. In fact if you haven't heard it yet, when you do, you will most likely feel slightly embarrased that something so great hasn't already made it's way into your life, but when it does, you know that you will be listening very closely from now on. I immediately went out and got hold of the earlier albums and they are at the top of my listening list for the next few days whilst everything else gets put on hold.
This live track was recorded at the recent ULU gig in London (17-11-04), and Conor claimed to have written the song that morning (which explains the bit where he forgets the words in the middle).
You can also download a version of this track free at i-tunes.
(click here to preview a couple of tracks from Saddle Creek records)
(click here to buy I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning from Amazon UK)

swound has got that Nina Gordon cover of "straight out of compton" posted at the moment, well worth checking out if you don't know it already. if you imagine someone like Carol King singing "AK-47 is the tool, Don't make me act the motherfuckin fool, Me you can go toe to toe, no maybeI'm knockin niggaz out tha box, daily" then you aren't far off. a little wierd, a lot of fun. it's just a shame she only does Ice Cube's bit and no Easy mother fuckin E!
you can also get it on her own site.
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