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Monday, February 28, 2005

Francisco Tarrega - Gran Vals.mp3

Francisco Tarrega-Eixea was born in Vila-real, on 21st of November 1852, in a house beside the Saint Paschal Baylon sanctuary in Spain. At the time the piano was the most popular instrument and Tarrega was forced to play it to makes ends meet, because the guitar has lost her prior prestige, dropping to a very low level in the instruments' scale. The guitar was considered not good enough for playing concerts and was mainly used to complement the singer. It was one night in the Spanish Music Conservatory (very prestigous venue at the time) that his ex teacher Arrieta heard Tarrega play, after the concert he rushed across and embraced Tarrega and said to him "Guitar needs you, and you were born for her". From that very moment, Tarrega left his piano career and focused exclusively to his prefered instrument. Gran Vals is now famous for being one of the most annoying tunes in history as nokia sampled it for there infamous mobile phone ring. Tarrega's simplistic playing style certainly proves that sometimes less is more. This recording is performed by Norbert Kraft click here, to buy this piece of culture was brought to you courtesy of the last night team.

Chairman Of The Board - morning glory (instrumental).mp3

I finally got round to recording some mp3's from vinyl into my mp3 player over the weekend so i am going to post 7 days of charity shop 7s this week. These have all been picked up for an average cost of somewhere around 30p. Sounds cheap? But there are plenty of obstacles when charity shop record shopping, namely about 763 Max Bygraves albums and 417 Do They Know It's Christmas's.
When Holland Dozier Holland left Motown acrimoniously in 1969 they set up two labels, Invictus and Hot Wax. The Number One Songs In Heaven blog posted a Honey Cone track last week who were a Supremes-like vocal trio signed by HDH to Hot Wax, it's worth checking out...
Chairman of the Board were signed to other label, Invictus and released four albums between '69 and '74. Morning Glory (instrumental) is the b-side of Everybody Party All Night, the second single to be released from ChOTB's 4th and final album "Skin I'm In" [1974]. The album title is lifted from a Sly and the Family Stone track (from Fresh) and the a-side tries to do a "dance to the music" call to arms (There is also a cover of Sly's Life and Death on the album). "Everybody..." kicks off with the obligatory Shaft wah-wah guitar scratches over a 4 to the floor kick drum, it sounds promising at first but fails to deliver as it never really manages to get airborne. Not surprising when you read General Johnson's web page. He says that he had lost faith in the music industry at that time and walked away for a while after this album claiming "business disagreements deteriorated our musical relationship".
Much more interesting is this, the b-side. The album features Funkadelic's Eddie Hazel guesting on guitar, and although he isn't on this track we do get Bernie Worrell on hammond organ instead. After an intro of distorted bass, smothered in reverb, he glides into the groove... but it isn't long before the track gets flooded with lush mellotron flutes and strings which gives it a breezy pastoral feel. The drummer pays homage by underpinning it all with his impeccable I Bet Youprev slouch groove.
(click here to buy Skin I'm In from Amazon UK)

Friday, February 25, 2005

Dr John - Right Place Wrong Time.mp3

Dr. John (born Malcolm John Rebennack, Nov. 21, 1940, New Orleans, Louisiana) is a musician who incorporates funk, rock 'n' roll, jazz and R & B into his sound. His distinctive vocal growl and virtuoso piano playing have brought him acclaim among critics and fellow artists, though commercial success has not equalled that recognition. In 1957 he began working as a session musician on guitar, piano and other instruments. In the mid 1960's he went to Los Angeles and assumed the persona of Dr. John Creux, the Night Tripper. His 1968 album "Gris Gris" had the classic song "Walk on Gilded Splinters", resulting in Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger guesting on a later album. His biggest US hit came in 1973 with "Right Place, Wrong Time" which reached no. 9. It came from the album In the Right Place which charted at no. 24. He has released over twenty albums and remains a respected figure in the music world. His autobiography, written with Jack Rummel, is called Under a Hoodoo Moon: The Life of Dr. John the Night Tripper . Click here to buy.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

CDJ - MC Blackpower.mp3

People have been chopping up recordings and sticking them back together since the invention of tape recording, but bootlegs, as in "mash-ups" were everywhere after Missy Elliot released Get Your Freak On complete with an accapella in 2001. One of the first to make it onto vinyl was Erol Alkan's mix of Missy with George Michael's Faith which sort of set the tone for hundreds of kitsch bootlegs. More often than not the meshing of the two track titles in question was vaguely amusing, but the resulting music was usually far less than the sum of the parts.
But the racks in HMV were stuffed with white label releases that came in the back door, and people were paying £8.99 for a 1 sided 12". There was suddenly a market and the shops were grabbing it and splitting it with the bootleggers. Within months the bootleggers were being bootlegged, a couple of gentlemen from a second hand record shop put together the best bootleg album in the world... ever on CD and cleaned up.
If you over-looked all the drivel, and believe me there's lots, , there were some "boots" that sounded great in their own right, especially the Girls On Top stuff (i wanna dance with numbers being a personal favourite). Within a year Richard X went from releasing a limited edition 7" to having the very same bootleg covered by the Sugababes, and ended up in the producers chair for a bona fide No.1 UK smash hit...
MC Blackpower is the other side of white label Cant Get You Out Of My 24 Hour Party by Compact Disc Jockey. It features Ice-T rapping about Nelson Mandella from the accapella prepared to die (which is on the OG album), and the music is taken from a Leena Conquest track called boundaries (who had already sampled it from the Average White Band). The AWB funk is right on it and Ice T drops the "science with defiance".
(click here to download loads more bootlegs from get you bootleg on)
(Richard X interview here)

Telepopmusik - Dance Me.mp3

Telepopmusik was founded in 1997 by Fabrice Dumot, Stephan Haeri, and Christophe Hetier. The French soundsmiths of Télépopmusik hail from the Parisian dance/electronic scene that produced Air and Daft Punk. This is laid back at it's extreme, this dreamy trip hop extravaganza is a blessing for the winter months just crank up the volume pop the kettle on lay back in your comfy chair in front of the fire shout your dog to fetch your slippers and away you go. To get the entire album click here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Beatnuts - Superbad.mp3

An underground Latino crew who moved from being strictly producers to make some action on the other side of the mixing board as well, the Beatnuts first hooked up in the late '80s, with Junkyard Ju-Ju (aka JuJu, born Jerry Tineo) and Psycho Les (born Lester Fernandez) being joined by Fashion (aka Kool Fashion, born Berntony Smalls). After working with the Jungle Brothers, the trio connected with Monie Love on a production job for "Pups Lickin Bone" from her 1990 debut album, Down to Earth. They also worked on remixes for Cypress Hill, Naughty by Nature, da Lench Mob, and Prime Minister Pete Nice, earning their own contract with Combat Records for the 1993 mini-LP Intoxicated Demons. The album's release was held up when Kool Fashion was arrested and jailed for six months on a drug conviction, but the Beatnuts released a self-titled album the following year, on Violator/Relativity. In1998 they released the album street level click here to buy, an album with no pop hooks, no slick production, no ballards or lyrics about girls and money, the individual cuts don't even stand out. However instead it all seems to flow seamlessly in to a powerful whole.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Steve Miller Band - my dark hour.mp3

When John Lennon was asked "Is Ringo the best rock n roll drummer in the world?" he famously answered with his usual quick fire scouse wit.. "he's not even the best drummer in the beatles!". He was most likely thinking of Paul's drumming. On Back in The USSR, Macca took control of the sticks after Ringo walked out of the studio as tensions rose during the recording of "the white album" and a year later Macca also featured on drums on the closing track of Steve Miller's 3rd album, "Brave New World" [1969]. He gives it his best sack of spuds falling down the stairs drum rolls and turns in a performance which is immensely enjoyable, more due to his irrepressible attitude rather than amazing technical accomplishment, but that's what it's all about, innit?
You will probably recognise Macca's trademark rock n roll holler on Backing Vocals as well. I always think this track sounds best when I am drinking, but then hey, what doesn't? but it's perfect to play as things start to get lively in the bar.
I have played Steve Miller when bar-room DJ-ing a few times (check out any of the first four albums from 68 and 69), and without fail, some quiet bloke at the back usually steps up to go to the toilet, and gives a "great to hear some Steve Miller mate" as they walk past. It seems that there are many closet fans of early Steve Miller out there.., download and join the ranks.
(click here to buy Brave New World from Amazon UK)

Friday, February 18, 2005

Mantronix - Needle To The Groove.mp3

Mantronik & Mc Tee was a part of one of the most inovative hip hop groups in the 80's combining Rap, Funk, Reggae, Pop & Electronics...Mantronix still make many of todays hip hop artists look like their making elevator music!! In my opinion Mantronix is the way hip hop was supposed to be in the 90's...Raw, Cool, Independent & Hardcore!! Mantronik's real name is Kurtis Khaleel (born September 4, 1965) & Mc Tee's real name is Tooure Embden. Mantronix was formed in New York in 1984. William Socolov, the head of the independent record label Sleeping bag Records heard a Mantronix demo tape and a few months later Fresh is the Word hit the streets in 1985 with a blast!! Their second single was Needle To The Groove from their debut The album in 1986 which probably is one of the coolest and rawest hip hop albums ever made. Needle To The Groove sounds a bit dated now but still has a lot to offer and is a classic portrayal of the electro era of that time. Listen out for the robotic rap towards to the end, superb. Buy the album here.

Dick Hyman - give it up or turn it loose.mp3

Suppose for a minute that you had never seen these 3 faces before in your life. They are complete strangers to you. Which one is Dick Hyman? Which is the one playing all those buzzing bending frantic jazz-moog solos on top of a scratchy acetate recording of Bootsy and Clyde warming up one morning before the godfather woke up?..., or producing demonic robot squelches about 10 times too loud throughout?
Well obviously you know it's the guy in the middle, what gave it away, was it cos he was sitting at a keyboard?
When Dick Hyman wasn't busy studying and performig rag-time and early jazz, compsing for ballet, performing live (every few nights as from Saturday) or doing the scores for just about every Woody Allen film since Zelig, he recorded an album in 1969 called Moog: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman. This was a bonus track on the CD release.

As if being the missing link between Woody Allen and James Brown isn't enough, he also has a vague connection to yesterdays post, Van Morrison. You can hear Van yelling the words "Jelly Roll" at least once on most of his records. "Jelly Roll" was a a jazz musician from the 20's/30's who was a genuine libertine, he "lived the ultimate itinerant pianist's life, traveling from town to town, carousing with local women, hustling in pool halls, and taking in the culture wherever he traveled". He sounds a perty cool customer doesn't he?
Oh yeah,.. the vague link. Well.. Dick Hyman recorded an album of "Jelly Roll" Morton compositions in 1992, which is discontinued now but is out there somewhere.....
(click here to buy Moog from Amazon UK)
(check his website for current gigs? recitals or to buy one of his many other CD's)

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Grateful Dead - Iko Iko.mp3

This accoustic rendition of this classic cotton picking song which was originally sung by slaves working in the cotton fields, in the deep south to keep up there spirits. Shows a vulnerable yet impervious side to the dead that I never new they had. For me the dead have always had an irresistable seductivness that always lures you into a false sense of security, I think this track is a perfect example of that. To get a feel of what I am talking about you need to check out some of there live stuff, try this live box set. Click here for the definitive Dead collection.

Van Morrison - cyprus avenue(live).mp3 (9.4Mb)

From a time when Van The Man could still step out onto a stage not wearing his trademark hat and dark glasses, this comes from the double live album it's too late to stop now.
Recorded during his San Franciscan residency of the early '70s when Van was at the peak of his vocal powers (released '74, the year also of arguably one of his best studio albums, Veedon Fleece).
To close the show he takes the original acoustic jazzy Cyprus Avenue from his solo debut Astral Weeks, and with the help of his 11-piece Caledonia Soul Orchestra, re-invents it as an impeccable blast of cabaret soul. I especially love the bit when he lets out an astonishing 41 consecutive yelps of "Babe!" with the band doing a unison stab perfectly in time behind each one.
The band are amazing, and feature saxophonist, and long time Van collaborator Jack Schroer as well as pianist/organist Jeff Labes who's arranging talents both have a lot to do with how all those great early Van albums sound.
(click here to buy from Amazon UK)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Scientific American - Drift In Place.mp3

Drift In Place is another gem from mush, its dreamy, downtempo raw electronica, pensive keys and moody melodies transcend through space and time. Backed with a glitchy acidic funk rework this track takes me to tranquil universe where everything feels fantastic. Click Here To Purchase.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Kinks - Celluloid Heroes.mp3

In a lot of ways, the Kinks paved the way for fast and furious punk chord riffing, from the churning riffs "You Really Got Me" to the very similar churning riffs of "All Day and All of the Night," raucous pop hits that effectively hid their finely-developed senses of music and humor. As the years rolled on the more mature there songwriting became songs like Celluloid Heroes and Get Back In The Line show great social conscience of there time. To Buy This track click here.

Daft Punk - the brainwasher.mp3

The new Daft Punk album "Human After All" is out at the end of March. The title is a bit confusing as there is not much evidence of a human touch, in fact the first single to be released describes the album better - robot rock.
After the 80's rock and virtuoso soloing synths of Discovery, they have stripped things down to a simpler and more brutal base level. The template is now the primitive '70's heavy rock of Black Sabbath and in particular their track Iron Man. Iron Man's about a huge metal robot who stalks the earth filling his victims full of dread. Robot Rock takes most of it's musical ideas from Tony Iommi's riffs on Sabbaths classic, and what's left over is used to build The brainwasher which takes the pounding beats (footsteps) at the start, the familiar drones, and then makes the anouncement "I am the brainwasher!".
After a few listens though, the album doesn't seem as good as the previous two, but then when you re-listen to the debut Homework, which was such a breath of fresh air at the time, you realise that things may never get that good again...
(click here to pre-order Human After All from Amazon UK)

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Bees - i love you.mp3

This is for lovers....
Friends always seem shocked to find out that Free The Bees is a contemporary album when they have never heard it before, ... it does sound like they have gone to a lot of trouble to get it to sound like a late 60's album (especially on Chicken Payback).
I bet Lee Maver's would be impressed if he heard it. Whilst recording the debut La's album on vintage 60's analogue valve equipment, his search for 60's authenticity escalated to frightening obsessive levels when he tried to reject the album, not the first recording of it either, on the grounds that it didn't sound '60's enough because the dust on the valvues was not real '60's dust!
(click here to buy Free The Bees from Amazon UK)
(click here to stream 3 tracks from the bees site)

Friday, February 11, 2005

The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog.mp3

These Detroit punks tapped into the brutal side of the blues for this primitive classic. They also give a one-note piano tribute to the Kinks' "You Really Got Me." Over the ultimate bone-crunching three-chord guitar riff, Iggy Pop screams about the agony of teenage hormones the way only Iggy Pop can. Click here To Buy

Captain Beefheart - sun zoom spark.mp3

From Clear Spot [1972], which i think is my favourite Beefheart album (i mean how many times have you actually listened to Trout Mask Replica all the way through?). It's one of his most conventional, with straight ahead soul tracks like "Too Much Time", but it also has some of the best acid-tinged desert blues he ever recorded, helped by the amazing slide guitar of the one and only Zoot Horn Rollo.
(click here to buy at Amazon UK)

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Residents - Constantinople.mp3

Wierd week wouldn't be wierd week without The Residents,... No-one knows who they are because they believe that if they were to each have an individual public identity that it would be destructive to the group as a whole. So they have never given an interview to anybody, and they have been releasing records now for over 30 years.
I love the approach they took to the second album, Not Available. They decided to make an album in 1974 and when it was finished, store it away and never release it,.. well, not until they had forgotten about it... it was intended as a comment on "the theory of obscurity".
Constantinople is from Duck Stab [1977] which was recorded whilst the Not Available album was still sitting secretly in the vaults.
Not Available was finally released '78, and ironically remains one of their more underrated and forgotten about releases.

new album
The Residents are releasing their new album on March 21st called Animal Lover. Apparantly the rhythm tracks are made from the sounds of animals mating, mainly "cicadas and frogs. Also the actual sounds of mating whales and humans were used for longer tonal passages"... but not together obviously!

(click album titles -> Duck Stab, Not Available, or Animal Lover to buy from Amazon UK)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Nightmares On Wax - 70s/80s.mp3

The brainchild of George Evelyn, Nightmares On Wax first appeared in the aftermath of the scene explosion of chill out music. Hailing from the industrial city of Leeds, the then duo, comprising Kevin Harper, established themselves with the seminal Dextrous and Aftermath, characteristic of the bleepy techno sound taking the country by storm, alongside fellow Yorkshireman and label mate Mark Bell, aka LFO. The album that followed, A Word Of Science introduced some elements of hip-hop on tracks like Mega Donutz or Back In Time. By the time the second NOW album surfaced, almost four years later, Evelyn was on his own and the sound had developed into a magnificent blend of hazy soul, lazy beats and lush hip-hop/dub that was to become his trademark. 70s/80s takes control of the seismic and militant 70s 80s, reminiscing about riots, racism and recession during the Thatcher years. This is a splendid piece of soulful laidback dopey dance music hats off to you. To purchase this album click here.

Animal Collective - Leaf House.mp3

More surreal psychedelic experimentation... Animal Collective are not your traditional band, in fact they aren't a band at all. They like to approach things in their own way, recording whole albums in one take on a porch (Campfire Songs), playing gigs without gaps between songs, constantly changing roles within the band and now controlling all aspects of what they do by setting up their own label, Paw Tracks.
Last years "Sung Tongs" album is them at their most commercial but still contains songs like "Meeting Friends" which is 14 minutes long without a chorus in sight.
"Leaf House" is one of their more lucid pop moments, sounding a bit like a cross between Brian Wilson in the sandpit and the Anne character from "Little Britain".
(click here to buy or stream from FatCat records)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Buthole Surfers - sweat loaf.mp3

1 Black Sabbath riff
Shed loads of strong LSD
1 "Gibbytronix" bullhorn voice manipulator

Take the Heavy Metal Riff from "Sweet Leaf" by Black Sabbath, marinate in LSD for 2 days.
Ingest, wait half an hour, then play riff repeatedly...
(click here to buy from Amazon UK)

Monday, February 07, 2005

Day One - LoveOnTheDole.mp3

In 1999 they were touted as the next big thing, but then they seemed just to drift away into the oceans of music obscurity. Which is really quite sad because the album ordinary man was a breath of fresh air at the time and still is today i think. The album takes a light hearted look into struggles of ordinary life and everyday hard look stories. Day One excell in storytelling and vocalist Phelim Byrne captivates with his narration on Love On The Dole, I recomend anyone to get a copy of this album which will stand the test of time as will sound as refeshing in another 10 years. To buy this album click here.

Bill Withers - the same love that made me laugh.mp3

Although recorded in '74 for his album 'Justments, Bill had written this track as early as 1968. In '67 Bill arrived in LA to try and get his music career off the ground. He was working by day and recording demo's by night, but no labels seemed to show an interest in signing him, and it wasn't until 1971 that Clarence Avant's Sussex Records offered him a deal.
After two studio albums on Sussex (Just As I Am/Still Bill) containing such classics as "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Lean On Me" respectively, 'Justments was the last album that Bill recorded on the Sussex Records label before it went bust and closed down the following year ('75).
The four Sussex albums are Bill at his best (also see Live At Carnegie Hall), and although 'Justments hasn't been re-issued on CD you can get the first two on 1 CD,,, bargain!
(click here to buy from Amazon UK)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Campag Velocet - Instinct Tension.mp3

There is a remarkable similarity between Pete Voss's vocals and that of Dominic Masters of The Others. Combine that with the baggy beats which seem to have done other current press favourites Kasabian more good than harm, it seems somehow unjust that Campag Velocet's second album didn't make more of a mark on the landscape last year. But then Campag's slogan always stated "music for the other".
At the time of their first album they were on the the NME cover, and had done the NME Brats tour, but it seems it wasn't enough to make the british indie kids take them to their hearts. Maybe it was the aggressive football hooligan thing that Pete gives out (as opposed to an open door policy of Dominic Masters - which even goes as far as his hotel room on tour!) that denied them greater success, but whatever, the second Campag album, "it's beyond our control" was in my opinion every bit as good as the first and is well worth checking out.
(click here to stream clips from the second album or here for mp3's from their site)
(click here to buy from Amazon UK)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bright Eyes - when the president talks to god (live in london).mp3

I only recently got round to listening to the ready-made classic that is the Bright Eyes album, "I'm wide awake, it's morning" (i know, i know, i've been busy lately!). It's a really powerful album, one that will not slip past you without making you sit up and take notice. In fact if you haven't heard it yet, when you do, you will most likely feel slightly embarrased that something so great hasn't already made it's way into your life, but when it does, you know that you will be listening very closely from now on. I immediately went out and got hold of the earlier albums and they are at the top of my listening list for the next few days whilst everything else gets put on hold.
This live track was recorded at the recent ULU gig in London (17-11-04), and Conor claimed to have written the song that morning (which explains the bit where he forgets the words in the middle).
You can also download a version of this track free at i-tunes.
(click here to preview a couple of tracks from Saddle Creek records)
(click here to buy I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning from Amazon UK)

swound has got that Nina Gordon cover of "straight out of compton" posted at the moment, well worth checking out if you don't know it already. if you imagine someone like Carol King singing "AK-47 is the tool, Don't make me act the motherfuckin fool, Me you can go toe to toe, no maybeI'm knockin niggaz out tha box, daily" then you aren't far off. a little wierd, a lot of fun. it's just a shame she only does Ice Cube's bit and no Easy mother fuckin E!
you can also get it on her own site.

Max Sedgley - Slowly.mp3

This is the B - Side to Happy which was probably one of the bigest dance hits of last year, Slowly is equally as good with it's fabulously laidback beats which just seem to flow effortlessly like a kestrel gliding through the skies. Max seems to have created a general coolness to all his songs and shows that not all dance music is one dimensional, look out for the album release later on this year and check out his new single the devil inside it's going to be a cracker. Click here to buy.