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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Special Needs - sylvia.mp3

It's a year since the release of this, The 'Needs' debut single on which they served up a mundane urban drama about seeing a girl having a fag outside Tesco's and, well, that's all it's about basically.
Singer Zac Stephenson manages to perfectly capture this epiphany simply by repeating her (fictional) name "Sylvia" over and over in a yearning falsetto that reminds me of a young Stephen Patrick Morrissey (who also sang many a love song about girls(?) that he could never summon up enough courage to talk to).
They are no stranger to spontaneous guerilla gigs. They recently played the pub across the road when many fans couldn't get in to the proper gig, only because they love you, and to prove it, you can download their Christmas pressie to their fans, 3 unreleased rough as fuck demo's, here (there's also a whole XFM gig). You can also download a load of mp3's here at their label, poptones.
They are currently putting the finishing touches to their album, should be out soon.
(click here to buy Sylvia from Amazon UK)

this quiz -which new-ish london band are you- is a mildly entertaining way to pass 10 minutes if you are bored at work...
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