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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Sizzla - dem a wander.mp3

I am in one of those moods today where everything i am listening to is sounding great. There's no better feeling. So what with the Devilfish out of action today i am posting a couple of tracks that i always find myself re-listening to when the pathways are wide open.
The first is from Jamaican prophet and leading light of the roots and culture dancehall scene. Sizzla has released a staggering amount of albums (sometimes up to four in one year!), preaching the teachings of the Bob Ashanti. This track is from his second album (and one of his best) "Praise Ye Jah", produced by Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell of Jamaica's foremost modern roots stable, Exterminator. There's a great Sizzla biog here for you to check out, and here's the lyrics.
(click here to buy Praise Ye Jah from Amazon UK)

Radio 4 - dance to the underground(DFA remix).mp3

The second track today is the low-fi electro funk DFA remix of Radio 4's "dance to the underground". It's another one of those tracks which i never seem to tire of. I must have played it hundreds of times over the last few years but on a day like today it is sounding as fresh as ever. Although i really liked the Radio 4 album (gotham!), for me this is definitely a case of the remix being a whole lot better than the original.
Click here to read an interview with DFA's James Murphy from The Wire.
(click here to buy the single from Amazon UK)
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