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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ghost Exits - she's beyond good and evil.mp3

As there’s only a few mates who read this blog at the moment (most of whom are relatively new to the whole mp3 blog community), I thought I would do a few posts of my favourite tunes that I grabbed of other blogs from last year. These are songs that have become important to me and I would invariably play to my friends in the hope of turning them on to great new music anyway (which is why I started this site in the first place).
The cynical amongst you may assume that this is a lazy approach to blogging, but hopefully those who listen to the mp3’s should realise that I post these out of respect to other bloggers, but more importantly, out of a love of new music that I probably wouldn’t have found without the whole mp3 blog thing. Oh, and needless to say, any site that has turned me onto something that I post will be added to the “other mp3 blogs” links in the right column.
First up is the Ghost Exits cover of the Pop Group single but done but in their own "heavy metaloid" style. I think it must have come from the fantastic 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog (if it isn’t from there, it sounds like it should be!) It sounds like the Happy Mondays circa “Bummed”-era on one of their more Can-like jams, but as if they had burned their guitars and replaced them with a psychedelic slow synth throb not unlike Lil Louis’ “French Kiss” playing way too slow.
Ghost Exits are Christopher Exit and Ivan Sunshine, from Brooklyn. They claim to “set their drum machines and synths to fucked adding guitar and bass to create the perfect groove to deliver the truth”. You can get it on the Cincinnati Riot Blues 12” out on The Social Registry.
(click here to buy the 12" from The Social Registry online store if there are any left!)
(here’s a permanent link to the mp3 on The Social Registry site)
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