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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Delta - i'm getting darker.mp3

When James Roberts (beige coat and stubble) sings, you can hear all his misfortune and anguish in every syllable, and he has had more than his fair share. Delta are unknown by many, due to countless music industry fuck up's and the bands willful anti-careerist attitude. But to those few who have been lucky enough to find their way into their world they are held in the highest regard, one of those best kept secrets that somehow manages to stay secret.
I first saw Delta live in '96 (not long after this had been recorded) and was convinced, like many others that it was only a matter of time before everyone else would get to hear them too, as they had a set full of classics. They seemed unstoppable. However, I'm getting darker never even made it to the shop's. This is taken from a 1996 4 track promo on Acid Jazz subsiduary Focus, and was the only recorded output for the band between the years '95 to '99. Focus had signed the band and then didn't release anything for nearly 5 years, but as they were under contract they couldn't release anything elsewhere.
In 1999 they returned to their previous label home -Dishy- and have released 4 albums and a couple of EP's between then and last year, all of which are well worth getting hold of. You can find a discography at the bottom of this page.
"Delta are taking a bit of a sabbatical.....one which may last forever" says James in this interview, but he is currently finishing off his solo album which i am looking forward to.
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