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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Cud - push and shove.mp3

The atmosphere at the The Others gig last night really reminded me of seeing a Cud gig from back in 1990. Cud had a devoted following (well up north anyways) who would storm the stage at every gig. The gigs were always a celebration, and Cud fans were not unlike the 853 Kamikaze Stage Diving Division that follows The Others around the country. Both bands get my respect for breaking down the traditional band/audience barriers and all the usual ego bullshit that so many other bands revel in.
Push and Shove was a live favourite, and was the signal for the audience to get up and join the band on the stage. It's from their first, and best album, when in rome kill me. Side one consisted of the knowingly ludicrous Post-Acid House Rock Opera of the seven-part title track which is what the wierd sounds on the beginning of this recording are all about.
(click here for the CUD site and here for the CD)
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