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Monday, December 06, 2004

Out Hud - The L Train is a Swell Train and I Don't Want To Hear You Indies Complain.mp3 (16.9Mb)

Sharing three members with !!!, Out Hud formed at the same time and walk a not too dissimilar path ie. sampled beats (no drummer), a disregard for traditional verse-chorus song structures, a drive to explore virgin sonic territories. Although, without all the shouting and swearing of !!!, it's a slightly more chilled affair, -for one, there are no vocals, and there's a cello in the line up, along with lots of samplers n synths. It's "chilled" in a white noise, bleeps and funky beats kind o way.
Having all served apprentices in various hardcore/punk bands, these are punks for whom jamming is not a dirty word. I love the idea of jamming on samplers, I always liked the mental image of the bomb squad jamming with four samplers in the studio when making public enemy tracks...
This comes from the 2002 debut album "street dad".
(click here to buy Street Dad from amazon)
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