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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Nosebleeds - ain't bin to no music school.mp3

I was re-listening to some Durruti Column albums recently. They were the other band on Factory back in '78, but before they were formed Vini Reilly was playing with The Nosebleeds, Wythenshaw's finest (along with Slaughter and The Dogs).
Vini Reilly is a virtuoso guitarist who has stuck to his own artistic path resolutely now for 25 years, and it's his playing here that makes this punk 7" stand apart from so many other one off's that came out around that time. Check out the rhythm guitar with "the edge"-like delay in one speaker, and a blistering "New York Dolls"-y solo in the other. Who needs to go to music school when you can play like this?!
Not long after after this single, they sacked their manager, Vini left the band, along with singer Ed Banger who was replaced for a while with a youthful Stephen Patrick Morrissey.
Vini worked with Morrissey a decade later on his debut "viva hate"('88), of which Vini said "my whole experience of working with him was one of great joy - he was a very funny guy. I had a fantastic time on that album - it was a special, funny, crazy time."
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(in Vini's own words)
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