ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Monday, December 20, 2004

Elliott Smith - Kings Crossing.mp3

Smith's horrific early death has obscured an important fact of his musical life: He did not wallow in sadness; at his best, he found the singalong salvation inside. Unfinished when he died, completed by friends and family, Smith's final album is a gripping trip to oblivion, sparkling with barbed wit and elegantly tangled guitars, just enough light to help you find your way back -- sadly, without him. Smith died of 2 stab wounds to his chest however it is uncertain how these were obtained. Kings Crossing starts out with just organ and spooky sound effects, then piles on instrumentation as the narrator’s tale rapidly devolves into tragedy, concluding on a table (or mortuary slab?) in a hospital. I thought this would be a nice little cheerie number to kick off the xmas week, Ho Ho Ho merry christmas everybody and especially to you Tiny Tim hee hee.To Buy Click Here.
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