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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Easy Star All-Stars - speak to me / breathe (in the air).mp3

As if covering the whole of Pink Floyd's 1970's masterpiece "Dark Side Of The Moon" in a reggae stylee isn't mad enough, there are instructions on the easy star records site telling you how to synch it with your DVD of The Wizard Of Oz. There is a list here that mentions all the points where the images and music complement each other!
On Floyd's "speak to me", the slow crescendo of insanity that is the opening track of the floyd album we get voices, snippets of conversation, as well as some crazed laughter as the onset of madness takes hold, but here it sounds like the opening of Can's "future days" with bubbling water noises, but it's accompanied by a sparking lighter, coughs, and then crazed giggling, it is the sounds of someone smoking a bong. (we also get bong smoking noises instead of cash registers on their version of "time").
Of course, reggae versions of classic rock albums have been done before, most notably by Dread Zeppelin, the Elvis fronted reggae band doing Led Zeppelin covers. But what makes the All-Stars so good is their attention to detail. It took three years to make.
Admittedly some tracks work better than others, but it's well worth checking out.
You can stream a few other tracks from the album here.
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