ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Friday, December 24, 2004

Black Nasty - Gettin Funky Round Here.mp3

Gettin Funky round here indeed, with this being my last post until the new year I thought I would go out on a high. If you love early-70s inner-city funk music but think you've already heard it all, here's one that'll surprise and delight you. Loaded with bouncy grooves, gettin funky round here by this family-run band deserved so much more attention than they got. What was unusual about this band is that they signed not for motown but for there greatest rival Stax, Black Nasty was a band that could funk with the best of them. One listen to the album talking to the people and you will wonder why this outfit did not make it into the mainstream, so wishing you all a fucked up xmas and a spanking new year I leave you this funktastic spectacle to keep you dancing into 2005. Click here to buy.
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