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Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Arcade Fire - neighborhood #1 (tunnels).mp3

An album that is sure to feature high in all the end of year polls is Funeral by The Arcade Fire.
From Montreal, featuring the husband and wife songwriting partnership of Win Butler and RĂ©gine Chassagne. Writing an album that was inspired by having to come to terms with several family deaths is not exactly cheery stuff, so it's no suprise that reviews often spoke of emotional honesty when talking about this band.
But although it is undoubtedly moving, it isn't depressing music, it is full of life and listening to the whole album is an empowering experience... catharsis at it's best.
On this, the opening track, whilst parents cry in the next bedroom, adolescent lovers sneak through chimneys and tunnels to meet at night in the town square. Despite the freeze, emotions rage as this track builds and builds to a glorious sprawl of rippling piano's and chugging guitars.
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