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Friday, December 24, 2004

The Libertines - lazy sunday.mp3

What better way to finish up the year than "celebrating the memory" of The Libertines with this Small Faces cover.
Thanks to all who showed up at the "Last Night..." party this year, we hope that you have found something you like that you never knew you liked before, and we wish you all merry christmas and happy new year.
(click here to stream 12min Pete Doherty interview from Newsnight 21.Dec.2004)

special christmas eve double-drop!
Babyshambles - gang of gin.mp3

Black Nasty - Gettin Funky Round Here.mp3

Gettin Funky round here indeed, with this being my last post until the new year I thought I would go out on a high. If you love early-70s inner-city funk music but think you've already heard it all, here's one that'll surprise and delight you. Loaded with bouncy grooves, gettin funky round here by this family-run band deserved so much more attention than they got. What was unusual about this band is that they signed not for motown but for there greatest rival Stax, Black Nasty was a band that could funk with the best of them. One listen to the album talking to the people and you will wonder why this outfit did not make it into the mainstream, so wishing you all a fucked up xmas and a spanking new year I leave you this funktastic spectacle to keep you dancing into 2005. Click here to buy.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Go! Team - ladyflash.mp3

The christmas party continues apace with the good time funky cut and paste of brighton's cross gendre mash up, The Go! Team. It's retro, it's kitsch, it's cute... maybe a bit too sweet, but hey, it's the Last Night christmas party so... who knows what's coming next? especially if the Devilfish manages to awake from his tequila drenched slumber underneath the decks.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Bellrays - fire on the moon.mp3

As Christmas is almost upon us, people are scurrying round the streets joylessly spending more than they can afford on crap that their loved ones probably don't even want.... oh shut up scrooge! either get with the party or fuck the shut up, we are drinking in here, it's christmas, and it's time to party. and who better to provide our rock'n'roll redemption than The Bellrays? It's sort of MC5 do The Black Crowes, with Lisa Kekaula doing a fantastic impersonation of Tina Turner on PCP (she's the one belting it out on Basement Jaxx's Good Luck single). You can bet you wont hear this at the office do, well here at "last night..." the time has come to party, and this is how we do it...I'm off to the bar, anyone want another Bellini?
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Monday, December 20, 2004

Elliott Smith - Kings Crossing.mp3

Smith's horrific early death has obscured an important fact of his musical life: He did not wallow in sadness; at his best, he found the singalong salvation inside. Unfinished when he died, completed by friends and family, Smith's final album is a gripping trip to oblivion, sparkling with barbed wit and elegantly tangled guitars, just enough light to help you find your way back -- sadly, without him. Smith died of 2 stab wounds to his chest however it is uncertain how these were obtained. Kings Crossing starts out with just organ and spooky sound effects, then piles on instrumentation as the narrator’s tale rapidly devolves into tragedy, concluding on a table (or mortuary slab?) in a hospital. I thought this would be a nice little cheerie number to kick off the xmas week, Ho Ho Ho merry christmas everybody and especially to you Tiny Tim hee hee.To Buy Click Here.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Labi Siffre - I Got The (Blues).mp3

"I Got The" from his 1975 album Remember My Song received a modicum of fame decades after its release when its funky piano hook was sampled in Eminem's 1999 debut single "My Name Is." The openly gay singer has made quite a cult following with his distinctive high pictched voice and thought provoking lyrics. Writing mainly about homophobia and racism siffre's biggest hit was in 1987 with the classic song So Strong which reached number 4 in the UK charts, the song also brought to light the issues in south africa with the apartheid. Aim of the apartheid was to maintain white domination while extending racial separation. Siffre has also written 3 books of poetry and some works for stage that are worth checking out, to purchase the track click here.

Smog - a guiding light.mp3

Bill Callahan has made about 13 albums now, and has quietly become a master of his art. He may have started from no-fi only on cassette releases, but the closing track from his last album "Supper" (2003) is the sound of an expert at work. You know that thing that lyricists do when they sing a line, and you think they reached a full stop. but then. the next line is actually. the end of the sentence. and it spins the meaning. on it's head? well on "guiding light" Bill lets the opening lines out so slowly, but it's the moment when he first sings the words "guiding light" and that wandering guitar line comes in. bliss.
i also love the way that the track ends on a musical question mark. don't you?
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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

LCd Soundsystem - losing my edge [live].mp3

Live version of "losing my edge" from LCD Soundsystem on DFA records. It's been a long wait for the album, (arriving feb '05, i think) even though i have heard most of the tracks individually here and there, (i think every blog i ever visited has had at least one LCD track at some point!) .
Although all the LCD tracks have been great, the rush that you get from "losing..." is still LCd at their best.
Strange but true: it was originally intended as the B-side to Beat Connection.
(click here to stream the "movement" video)

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Thavius Beck - (Music Will Be) The Death Of Us All.mp3

Thavius Beck another artist to rise from the Mush Label with his debut album Decomposition. Thavius burrows into the brain with a mix of melodic samples, chopped breaks, pulsating synths and head swirling delay, and then morph into genre-bending sound paintings adorned with hallucinogenic vocal samples. Only 24 years of age beck delivers an distinguished odour and a polished interpretation of darkcore electronica that makes this a fascinating first album, Thavius could well be one to look out for in the future. Click to Buy.

The Nosebleeds - ain't bin to no music school.mp3

I was re-listening to some Durruti Column albums recently. They were the other band on Factory back in '78, but before they were formed Vini Reilly was playing with The Nosebleeds, Wythenshaw's finest (along with Slaughter and The Dogs).
Vini Reilly is a virtuoso guitarist who has stuck to his own artistic path resolutely now for 25 years, and it's his playing here that makes this punk 7" stand apart from so many other one off's that came out around that time. Check out the rhythm guitar with "the edge"-like delay in one speaker, and a blistering "New York Dolls"-y solo in the other. Who needs to go to music school when you can play like this?!
Not long after after this single, they sacked their manager, Vini left the band, along with singer Ed Banger who was replaced for a while with a youthful Stephen Patrick Morrissey.
Vini worked with Morrissey a decade later on his debut "viva hate"('88), of which Vini said "my whole experience of working with him was one of great joy - he was a very funny guy. I had a fantastic time on that album - it was a special, funny, crazy time."
(click here to buy it on a really good punk/new wave compilation from amazon UK)
(in Vini's own words)

Monday, December 13, 2004

Omid - Club Apotheosis.mp3

Omid's real name is Omid Walizadeh. Omid means "hope." Omid's music is best described as diverse and unpredictable, influenced by any and everything he hears and wishes to share with the listener. The West Coast is proving time and time again to be one of the most fertile musical playgrounds on Earth, with waves after waves of hip-hop artists taking the step to break away from the traditionalist approach of the more commercially conscious rappers to rejuvenilise the genre. Not exactly a new comer, Omid Walizadeh demonstrates with Monolith that he is definitely a strong addition to the Mush roster.

No Means No - rags and bones.mp3

Canadian straight-edge heroes who manage to get more energy into their music than any other band i have ever heard. Rags and Bones is super taught hardcore, tight as fuck, jazz punk.
It's from Wrong (pictured), which is one of those rare albums where every single track is great, so how come your average british music fan (apart from a couple of USA hardcore/punk fans i know) has never heard of 'em?
(click here to buy from amazon UK)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Blind Gary Davis - I Belong To The Band.mp3

Reverend Gary Davis taught himself to play guitar from the age of six and soon became a master with his finger picking style that has influenced many greats such as Ry Cooder, Bob Dylan and Donovan to name but a few. He was partially sighted from a very early age then completely lost his sight in his early 20's in the middle of the depression, he worked as a street singer playing his creative blend of spirtiuals, rags and marches. Being a reverend most of his songs were religion orientated, still his preacher style blues are very impressive and his natural expression of emotion through his vocals fused with his supplementry guitar playing mean his importance in the history of black rural music cannot be underestimated. Harlem Street Singer, released in 1960, was an impressive work, and one that emphasized his importance to a new generation of listeners and hopefully generations to come. Buy here man I love the blues.

Easy Star All-Stars - speak to me / breathe (in the air).mp3

As if covering the whole of Pink Floyd's 1970's masterpiece "Dark Side Of The Moon" in a reggae stylee isn't mad enough, there are instructions on the easy star records site telling you how to synch it with your DVD of The Wizard Of Oz. There is a list here that mentions all the points where the images and music complement each other!
On Floyd's "speak to me", the slow crescendo of insanity that is the opening track of the floyd album we get voices, snippets of conversation, as well as some crazed laughter as the onset of madness takes hold, but here it sounds like the opening of Can's "future days" with bubbling water noises, but it's accompanied by a sparking lighter, coughs, and then crazed giggling, it is the sounds of someone smoking a bong. (we also get bong smoking noises instead of cash registers on their version of "time").
Of course, reggae versions of classic rock albums have been done before, most notably by Dread Zeppelin, the Elvis fronted reggae band doing Led Zeppelin covers. But what makes the All-Stars so good is their attention to detail. It took three years to make.
Admittedly some tracks work better than others, but it's well worth checking out.
You can stream a few other tracks from the album here.
(click here to buy from amazon UK)

Monday, December 06, 2004

Out Hud - The L Train is a Swell Train and I Don't Want To Hear You Indies Complain.mp3 (16.9Mb)

Sharing three members with !!!, Out Hud formed at the same time and walk a not too dissimilar path ie. sampled beats (no drummer), a disregard for traditional verse-chorus song structures, a drive to explore virgin sonic territories. Although, without all the shouting and swearing of !!!, it's a slightly more chilled affair, -for one, there are no vocals, and there's a cello in the line up, along with lots of samplers n synths. It's "chilled" in a white noise, bleeps and funky beats kind o way.
Having all served apprentices in various hardcore/punk bands, these are punks for whom jamming is not a dirty word. I love the idea of jamming on samplers, I always liked the mental image of the bomb squad jamming with four samplers in the studio when making public enemy tracks...
This comes from the 2002 debut album "street dad".
(click here to buy Street Dad from amazon)

Friday, December 03, 2004

DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat.mp3

A fusion of feel-good go-go music with hip-hop's original block-party aesthetic led DJ Kool to the fore in rap's return to the old school during the late '90s. During the early- to mid-'80s, Kool began recording in 1988 and early on tried to inform the studio art of hip-hop with a live feel in keeping with his experience. His first album, The Music Ain't Loud Enuff, used call and response much like early hip-hop and go-go (and also included the hip-house track "House Your Body" prefaced by a remarkably accurate monologue on the history of house music). Click To Buy.

Nas (featuring Ludacris and Doug E. Fresh) - virgo.mp3

when i was 12 years old i heard planet rock by Afrika Bambaataa for the first time, and it blew my mind. (i never dreamed at that point that i would meet Arthur Baker years later with a view to him producing one of my records!). by the time i was 14 i had a piece of lino that i would try and breakdance on, and a huge ghettoblaster that was always pumping out street sounds electro cassettes. one of my favourites was number 6 with the real roxanne, the last track was doug e fresh's "the original human beat box on it".
On virgo (from Nas' new double CD Street Disciple) we get doug e fresh's inimitable beatbox style (all klacks and kclicks), with Nas and Ludacris doing a "the show" style rap on top. It swings along like it's 1985 again, and it feels good, it takes me right back. It's great to hear that old style, but now it comes updated with a fat bass rather than the 80's tin can reverb heavy production. rewind..
(buy the Nas album on mp3 or CD)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Tom Waits - The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me).mp3

The gravel voiced bard of lowlife America. His bittersweet ballads and twisted operettas have made him one of the most distinctive voices in modern music. Has a parallel film career playing drunks, losers and jailbirds. I just love this track the observational humour is brilliantly written and performed to perfection. To me its about the realisation of hitting rock bottom and refusing to accept responsibility for your actions, turning to alcohol for comfort and becoming consumed by your own bitterness and convinced the entire planet is against you. However the lyrics are so smooth and delightful it always makes me laugh. Buy this product here.

The Arcade Fire - neighborhood #1 (tunnels).mp3

An album that is sure to feature high in all the end of year polls is Funeral by The Arcade Fire.
From Montreal, featuring the husband and wife songwriting partnership of Win Butler and Régine Chassagne. Writing an album that was inspired by having to come to terms with several family deaths is not exactly cheery stuff, so it's no suprise that reviews often spoke of emotional honesty when talking about this band.
But although it is undoubtedly moving, it isn't depressing music, it is full of life and listening to the whole album is an empowering experience... catharsis at it's best.
On this, the opening track, whilst parents cry in the next bedroom, adolescent lovers sneak through chimneys and tunnels to meet at night in the town square. Despite the freeze, emotions rage as this track builds and builds to a glorious sprawl of rippling piano's and chugging guitars.
(click here to stream some more tracks from Merge Records site)
(click here to buy at amazon UK)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

William Devaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got.mp3

"Be Thankful for What You got", was the summer jam of 1974. "Diamond in the back, sunroof top, digging the scene with a gangster lean" was the buzz phrase. The impact of Curtis Mayfield on the soul scene in the 70's was most evident with William Devaughn's one hit wonder be thankful for what you got, you can definately here mayfields influence. However it still remains a laid back classic soul hit that is ripe for kicking back and sipping gin & tonics with a slice of lime on a lazy sunny afternoon. To buy click here.

The Aggrolites - dirty reggae.mp3

From LA, the "kings of early reggae sounds" are on top form with this funky party tune. All the elements on this track are spot on, from the James Brown like vocal "git-down"'s, the stuttering keyboards and the great drumming. It's really got the atmosphere, helped by shouts and yelps coming from the back of the room, defininitely one for the next DJ outing.
You can hear excerpts from 5 other tracks from the album at Axe records site.
(click here to buy at Axe records)