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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Undertones - Mars Bars.mp3

Ah, the energy and unadulterated passion of youth! In 1978, Derry's finest knew little - and cared even less! Amidst the doom rock, terrorism and 1 in 10 unemployment, 'Ireland's only punks' were heartfelt, non-confrontational and innocent - just like me. Songs about chocolate and girls - so what? Stripped down and simplistic four four time with no pretentions. They were the boys from next door.
This track is an example of a priceless throwaway B side (minor hit Jimmy Jimmy) and lasts less time than it takes to polish of a Mars Bar (the lads' teenage staple diet).
Alas, it was too much too soon and (unsuprisingly) they couldn't survive. There are many 'Best Of' The Undertones comp albums available, but I would recommend you try 1980's album 'Hypnotised' as a benchmark. I was 18 then and John Peel about 40. He couldn't get enough of it either! Now I'm about 40 - and I can really understand why.
(get hypnotised here or get a best of here, both from amazon)
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