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Friday, November 19, 2004

The Sonics - The Hustler.mp3

Inspired by the Wailers' success, the Sonics formed in 1963 on the north side of Tacoma, Washington, in the heart of Boeing country. "We got our name from the sonic boom made by the jets," Andy once recalled. "It seemed natural."
The young band's first gigs were the usual, teen sockhops and skating rink parties, and on occasion threw their own dances before finding work at places such as Evergreen Ballroom, Pearl's in Bremerton and of course the Spanish Castle Ballroom on old Highway 99.
Although they maintained the standard 5-piece lineup (sax, keys, guitar, bass, drums) and they did share with many other local bands a common core of the Northwest standards in their repertoire, the Sonics simply transcended any possible limitations erupting with a tough and unprecedented new sound. It took a good year for the Sonics reputation to take hold, but then came the day when the Wailers' bassist, Buck Ormsby, out scouting for talent for their label happened to cross paths with our boys. "They were practicing in Bob Bennett's basement," Ormsby recalled in 1985. " I was looking for something that was different, something that would rock my socks off. I went down and saw them, and I found it. I liked the guitar because it sounded dirty, and I liked Gerry because he was such a screamer." The Sonics bring us back to the time when rock music was exciting, fearless and raw especially in a world where rock music seems to represent heartless, corporate shovelled crap that is meant to numb the masses to generic tunes. With the sonics you are given the real deal mixing Gerry Roslie blood curdling vocals and Larry Parypa distorted guitar to deliver a unique cocktail of sex, drugs and psychotic roll. To Buy this track click here .
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