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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Sly andf The Family Stone - if you want me to stay.mp3

it may not be off the beaten path (USA top 10), but this track is really doing it for me today.
One time i was listening to Fresh with some mates, a friend put a CD of it on. It is an album that i know every note of, from my vinyl copy, but on this CD it sounded like a different mix. I since found out that there are 2 versions out there. I don't know if it's because i got to know my copy first that i thought it was vastly superior, but i would suggest tracking down a copy on vinyl if you love the CD.
The Family Stone had a new line up for this album, most notably the departure of Larry Graham on bass, but Rusty Allen's bass playing on this track must go down as one of the greatest bass guitar performances of all time. The album is undoubtably more up-beat than it's predecessor "there's a riot goin on", but the funk is still dense and complex on this album, which means you can listen to it time and time again without it's powers ever fading.
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