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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

robert johnson - walking blues.mp3

Robert Johnson is one of the greatest blues, folk guitar players of all time. A combination of hypnotic vocals and celestial guitar playing have ensured his transcendence even today. Johnson lived the life of arock n roll star with his heavy drinking and womanising, which eventually lead to his death. In 1938 Robert Johnson was having intimate relations with a woman in Greenwood, MS. It appeared that someone had put some poison (possibly strychnine) into a bottle of whiskey, Johnson was about to drink -- for revenge. Later, he complained of feeling ill, and was taken to the home of an acquaintance, by his buddy & fellow musician Honeyboy Edwards, in the section known as ''Baptist Town''. Three days later, he died but the music and the legacy still live on. Click here to buy
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