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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Others - this is for the poor.mp3

so the BPI wants to do like thr RIAA an try to nobble a few thieves, in the hope of scaring those feeding at the well away. it's gonna be a long battle, and probably a sword of damacles that we will all have to get used to living with.
you see, the industry has tired and tested methods of doing things and they don't like it when things happen without their consent, however some bands are walking a new path, and are as concerned about their forum as they are their art-work, and as music fans now spend more time on-line than in the rcord shop (legally or otherwise) they are never more than one click away from speaking directly to the band, if the band care enough to be listening. thing is, nowadays, any band who "mean it maaaaan" should have a forum. the others went one step further and posted their mobile phone number (they also host their news page here at blogger). maybe dominic masters has shared ideas with his old pal pete docherty whilst they were busy "out partying and building our community", whatever the motives, this attitude is something to be applauded wholeheartedly, as it makes all the old dinosaurs cluttering up the industry seem that bit more stale, and the bands that stand up all the more exhilarating.
so if you are skint and keep your spirit riding high by gorging daily on free music, (which, if you are here...) then the others have created an anthem for you.
i was blasting this track in the car on the way home today, doing the school run, my heart skipping beats as the chorus kicked in, when my five year old in the back says "i'm a rich kid arnt a dad", as i looked at the council houses surrounding the school i gave a non-commital "yeah, we're ok" but the track keeps going...anyway, we were both getting into it - turnin it up, eventually screaming "this is for the poor, and not you rich kids" over and over...
the vocal is great, and sounds not unlike pete voss at his most unruly.
the other tracks on the 12 are well worth checking out as well. it's dark stuff though, "how i nearly lost you" tells of drug abuse, unconsciousness and dissappearing heart beats set to a pleasant upbeat jangle and fuzz in a classic dinausaur jnr sort of way. "psycho vision" gets even darker, starting with a two chord hypnotic primal durge on top of which domininic masters reveals all the thrills and horrors of his life to date,... son of a drug dealer, allusions to prostitution and other general self-destructive hobbies.

(click here to see releases by the others at poptones OR buy it at amazon)
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