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Monday, November 08, 2004

New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Music Is Shit.mp3

In 1989 i didn't have many possessions to my name, but a knackered Aria bass guitar, and 3 New Fast Automatic Daffodils EP's were the only things i would have saved if i had come home to find my flat burning down. The NewFADS came from Manchester but were out of kilter with the emerging baggy scene at the time, (they formed at the Polytechnic, and were students rather than proper Mancs) even though "fate don't fail me now" (b-side of "Lions" - 1st EP) was a dance/indie crossover gem predating the Happy Monday's Wrote For Luck by a good few months. Their sound and attitude was far more aggressive than the loved-up groove that became the lifestyle choice of a million kids wearing flares and reni hats.
They were willfully independent, drawing inspiration from bands like the fall, who did it their own way, and chose not to "jump on the bandwagon" like so many other Northside's.
The lyrics were always slightly off the wall, for the third EP they came courtesy of someone posting a moldy herring wrapped in a strip of paper on which was scrawled the words "Beware! He is Coming! Fishes eyes will watch your lies..." through one of the band's letterbox.
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Inevitably this always catches up with you and usually at the worst possible time Moving . Moving
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