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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Mahavishnu Orchestra - you know, you know.mp3

When Massive Attack sampled this track on the Blue Lines album, they didn’t just take a snippet and create a new musical world, it’s more like a cover with a vocal on top, mash up style. Like an out-take or a 5 min fade that never made the cut. It's not what they took from the track, it's what they took away, and all credit to 'em.
Mahavishnu is John Mclaughlin of Miles Davis fame (check out the Jack Johnson album), but the thing that makes the Mahavishnu great for me is Billy Cobham, I love Billy Cobham’s drumming, in a Mitch Mitchell sort of way...
I think I will be posting more in the “sampled by” series soon, the Devilfish sort of kicked things off with the Max Romero track, and it’s always great to hear tracks that you already know a few bars/beats of- in their original form, sometimes better, sometimes worse, but always worth hearing. Comments on possible contenders greatly appreciated…
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