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Friday, November 26, 2004

Magnolia Electric Co - dark don't hide it.mp3

Taken from the forthcoming songs: ohio live album, "trials and errors". (jan 18th 2005)
After songs:ohio's 2003 "magnolia electric co." album, Jason Molina discarded the songs:ohio moniker and took to the road as the newly named "Magnolia Electeic Co" band. The set on this album was recorded in Belgium in the same year.
There are probably plenty of Smiths/Morrissey fans who are enjoying The Dears album (no cities left) at the moment, and Jason Molina does something similar for the Neil Young fan. In fact, on the last track on "trials.." (the big beast) he can't stop himself from breaking into "tonight's the night".
After the perfection of the "magnolia.." studio album, (it really is fucking marvelous!) , it is great to hear the mechanics of the band here, as the twin guitars of Molina and Groth, stumble from note to note, searching for the spirit of Neil Young. It is unedited and raw, and all the better for it. As the title suggests, these are trials and errors, and for someone who loves the Magnolia album as much as I do, it's great to get a glimpse of the band as they let it all hang out. But if you don't know them already, head straight for the studio album, and then come back for more when you find you can't get enough of them.
(click here for "Magnolia Electric Co" by songs: ohio)
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