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Monday, November 01, 2004

Luke Temple - make right with you.mp3

when all goes sideways and all goes blue, that's the time to make right with luke temple.
This track is from his self-titled EP, which is "the first sneak peek into his upcoming LP, Hold A Match For A Gasoline World" which is expected to be out "sometime this winter".
You can hear another mp3 from the album, "Old New York" at Mill Pond Records where there is also an interesting biog which mentions the time he lived for a year in a sleeping bag in the woods...
(click here to buy from Mill Pond OR click here to buy from Amazon UK)

although this mp3 has now been removed, here are a couple of links so that you can hear both the Luke Temple tracks from his record label's site...

Old New York (5.56 mb)
Make Right With You (4.47mb)
i have spent an unhealthy amount of time listening to this since posting, i even spent a couple of hours working it out on the geetar, just so that i could play it over and over, even if i found myself stranded on a desert island (with my guitar, i'd probably have my mp3 player with me too but of course their would be no electricity!), but the track that's really getting me is the other freebie available from


initially he had headed to new york to see what he could achieve with his painting, but it was his home-made 4 track tapes which had, unbeknownst to him, travelled all the way to seattle, falling into the hands of Mill Pond Recordings, which became the event that would change his destiny. he ended up packing his bags and heading for a new life in seattle. this song is like a dear john to "old new york".
old new york isn't on current the EP, it only sgives us even higher hopes for the album to come... tick, tock, tick, tock...
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