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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Grave Robber - TheSharks.mp3

The Sharks were formed in the late 1970's by guitarist Alan Wilson and were initially a 50's style Rockabilly band. A line up change in 1982 brought in Steve Whitehouse on slap bass and Paul 'Hodge' Hodges on drums. Within 2 weeks the trio had not only written and recorded their first album,but had also signed to Nervous records - a new label that was spearheading the Neo-Rockabilly movement. Shortly after the release of there debut album the band split leaving them with a huge cult following, it wasn't until 10 years later that the band reformed and started to make the best music of there careers. 1996 they released the album Colour My Flesh (click here to buy) which I think to be the bands best work to date. Grave Robber keeps the band's rockabilly style whist adding an extra tangy flavour that scatters your taste buds.
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