ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Fleetwood Mac - never going back again.mp3

Last night goes a bit radio 2 with another mothers choice (see separate ways), a classic amongst mums left to their own devices on a wet autumn afternoon in the late ‘70’s.
I always liked the Lindsey Buckingham stuff best when I got into Fleetwood Mac again years later, spending evenings skimming through the albums for his tracks.
“Rumours” was written amidst break-ups and divorces and the sentiment here “never going back again” is typical of the rest of the album. But the band lived it, recorded it, toured it, sold more copies any other album, ever, and moved on.
It may have inspired the british punk revolution, but until CD’s came along it still had a home in every lonely housewife's collection, who sang along while the husband was out, …and still had dinner on the table when he arrived home.
(click here to e-mail your mum and ask if you can borrow it)
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