ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bob Lind - spilling over.mp3

this is not a comment on love, this is love happening. it's start off all quiet and intimate, in a reflective mood. but as bob considers the many charms of the woman in question, something starts to happen, emotion wells up, and suddenly the track slows.... slows again, then it happens... the wave breaks and we are smothered.
01:19 lets's start again... the whole band kicks in, re-evaluation, we know what we are talkin about now, andwwhen we get to the chorus, ...this petty world melts away...
"look.., at how..., her love is spilling over in your mind!"... it's arthur lee, forever changes era, it's a plateau, and we are floating ... all too soon the track fades and you can either click on "My Shared Folder" to see if your latest download has finished, or just hit play,,, one more time.

this is on the album, "Since There Were Circles" (pictured). unfortunately it isnt available on CD but you can..
(..get some bob lind here)
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