ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Monday, November 01, 2004

Bob George - Prince.mp3

The Black Albumn was originally set for release in 1988 without having an artist's name to it however weeks before it was pulled, tapes started circulating and it was quickly discovered it was Prince. Only the ballad "When 2 Are In Love" managed to see the light of day on his next album Lovesexy. Bob George is a cool funk jam of a truly demented character study of someone who loses control when he finds out his partner cheats on him. All I can say is any woman thinking of cheating on the pint sized pop star should listen to this then think again. To buy this albumn click Here
mr devilfish, you in da zone baby, this is cookin. this sounds like a song by the bad ass nigga dude in pulp fiction who sez "there is no us, all yo LA priveledges is gone..." after he has been fucked in the ass!
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