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Monday, October 25, 2004

Donny Hathaway - jealous guy.mp3

i don't think enough people know just how amazing donny hathaway was. i didn't find out myself for years. i was familiar with the name, (probably because of his duets with roberta flack) but never imagined that i would come across another artist as good as stevie wonder and marvin gaye. he really was that good. the fact that he was found dead on the ground beneath his 15th floor hotel window in New York, January 1979, (there was no sign of a struggle so the verdict was suicide) was a great tragedy, as his career his career had been on the ascendancy.
jealous guy is from the live album recorded in 1972, it's a vocal performance second to NONE! you just know he is feeling every word he sings, and then some. check out the fantastic bluesy guitar licks from cornell dupree. (click here to buy from amazon)
despite the cut and paste bullshit of that review, zzzzzzz, this track is right up there. when i get a jukebox installed in my house track this is SO on it.
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