ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Clinic - d.t..mp3

from when Clinic were still making ep's rather than albums, they always did have the gift of being able to tap into the spirit of rock'n'roll at base level and deliver it to us in it's purest undiluted form, but it never seemed as potent as this again. i once played this at "fried", in "the social" in little portland street, london, where the regular fries tag team used to inflict all manor of psychedelic mayhem on unsuspecting office workers of the west end. we had moved the night from a friday, to midweek in an attempt to put a stop to all "can you play nelly or something by beyonce?" and on the first thursday night sesh i had seen this woman watching my every move as i played a series of tracks that included MC5, stooges, et al... when i played this track it finally got too much for the woman in question and she could contain her distaste no longer. she walked up to the decks and said "i don't know what you think you are doing, but we all hate this music, and you are ruining our night, can you play something by nelly or beyonce?". you can get all the first 3 ep's on 1 cd (click here to buy at amazon)
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