ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Friday, October 22, 2004

Brian Protheroe - Pinball.mp3

in 1965, Brian was living in south london with the 2 other members of folk blues incorporated (FBI), all in one room. they were playing on the london folk club scene, but were penniless. by 1966 Brian had decided to focus his attentions on his acting career. it wasn't untill '73, whilst playing a role as a "pop singer", that someone from Chrysalis records approached him and offered him a recording contract. pinball came out in summer 74 and was his first single and only hit.
key moment for me is at about 36 secs in when a trippy synth comes in, you just don't expect it after it starts out as an acoustic down at heal ballad. also listen carefully for a subtle "meeow" from the cat, who strangely has "just finished off the bread"!?
it's a great arrangement with new sounds dropping in every section, building until the fade by which time he's singing two verses at once - one in each ear.
also great sax solo. (click here to buy from amazon)
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