ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Friday, October 29, 2004

Death To Everyone - Bonnie Prince Billy.mp3

This track is straight from the valleys raw but most definately cooked. Take a journey through the valley of death and come out the other side still smiling. Bonnie Prince Billy sounds are quite supernatural, I have chosen this song to introduce you all to this ghostly figure of pop.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Juice - Catch A Groove.mp3

Catch a groove is a jazz funk legend, listening to this track is like taking a motorcycle ride through the clouds with the wind whistling through your hair all the time chasing the rainbow. Juice's lyrics and jazztastic grooves made them one of the most influential bands in the early 70s in some of the smaller regions of Norway.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Frankie Valli - the night.mp3

Frankie Valli continues to thrill audiences. With his three-and-a-half octave range -- a natural baritone that glides effortlessly into a spectacular falsetto -- and a remarkable versatility, Valli has sold 100 million records over the course of his career. Valli was first inspired by fellow New Jersey native, Frank Sinatra, as well as such jazz influences as the Hi-Lo's and the Four Freshman. The Night released in 1975 (where it reached number 6 in UK Charts) is a classic northern soul track, displaying the colourful and unique vocal talents of that or any generation.(Please Click Here To Buy At Amazon)

Donny Hathaway - jealous guy.mp3

i don't think enough people know just how amazing donny hathaway was. i didn't find out myself for years. i was familiar with the name, (probably because of his duets with roberta flack) but never imagined that i would come across another artist as good as stevie wonder and marvin gaye. he really was that good. the fact that he was found dead on the ground beneath his 15th floor hotel window in New York, January 1979, (there was no sign of a struggle so the verdict was suicide) was a great tragedy, as his career his career had been on the ascendancy.
jealous guy is from the live album recorded in 1972, it's a vocal performance second to NONE! you just know he is feeling every word he sings, and then some. check out the fantastic bluesy guitar licks from cornell dupree. (click here to buy from amazon)

Friday, October 22, 2004

Brecker Brothers - Oh My Stars.mp3

Over the last three decades. Randy and Michael Breaker have carved out an indelible niche in the world of music. Hailed by pop and Jazz critics alike, The Brecker Brothers band they founded in 1975 was one of the first acts signed to the then-fledgling Arista Records. Recording six albums and garnering seven Grammy nominations from 1975-1982, the Brecker Brothers were a band of immeasurable influence and seminal in the birth of fusion. Oh My Stars is like a classic movie, the more often you listen to it the more appealing it becomes as you discover all the hidden layers and sounds within. (click here to buy hornplace.com)

Brian Protheroe - Pinball.mp3

in 1965, Brian was living in south london with the 2 other members of folk blues incorporated (FBI), all in one room. they were playing on the london folk club scene, but were penniless. by 1966 Brian had decided to focus his attentions on his acting career. it wasn't untill '73, whilst playing a role as a "pop singer", that someone from Chrysalis records approached him and offered him a recording contract. pinball came out in summer 74 and was his first single and only hit.
key moment for me is at about 36 secs in when a trippy synth comes in, you just don't expect it after it starts out as an acoustic down at heal ballad. also listen carefully for a subtle "meeow" from the cat, who strangely has "just finished off the bread"!?
it's a great arrangement with new sounds dropping in every section, building until the fade by which time he's singing two verses at once - one in each ear.
also great sax solo. (click here to buy from amazon)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Clinic - d.t..mp3

from when Clinic were still making ep's rather than albums, they always did have the gift of being able to tap into the spirit of rock'n'roll at base level and deliver it to us in it's purest undiluted form, but it never seemed as potent as this again. i once played this at "fried", in "the social" in little portland street, london, where the regular fries tag team used to inflict all manor of psychedelic mayhem on unsuspecting office workers of the west end. we had moved the night from a friday, to midweek in an attempt to put a stop to all "can you play nelly or something by beyonce?" and on the first thursday night sesh i had seen this woman watching my every move as i played a series of tracks that included MC5, stooges, et al... when i played this track it finally got too much for the woman in question and she could contain her distaste no longer. she walked up to the decks and said "i don't know what you think you are doing, but we all hate this music, and you are ruining our night, can you play something by nelly or beyonce?". you can get all the first 3 ep's on 1 cd (click here to buy at amazon)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Les Claypool - D's Diner.mp3

This is a classic track that takes me back to my youth when you go on holiday with your folks and just make up crazy lines just to fill in the time and take away the boredom of the journey. D,s Diner is a class fun funky track that makes me smile everytime I hear it.
(click here to buy from amazon)

The Dynamics - misery.mp3

can't get enough of this track. i can never listen to it just once. it's so rough and ready but it's got all the attitude, specially when the chorus kicks in with all the yelping falsetto vocals. i always play it when i dj somewhere, and even though most people have never heard it, it always gets people up.
the band were from Detroit, and never really got much recognition beyond their home town, something to do with competing with the emerging Motown label probably. but you can find it on loads of northern soul comps, including this one (click here to buy at amazon)